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Grid Slider is a premium multi-purpose plugin for WordPress that allows you to create presentations in the form of a very elegant grid. It can be used to display posts, products, images or videos in a customized or dynamic way.


Download your plugin Grid Slider and unzip the file, after that select the folder called “plugin” and the version number.

Inside the folder with the version number you have two items, a folder and a zip file, you can use a zip file to install your plugin by wordpress, and the folder to install by FTP.

Don’t upload the full package before unzipping the file.

Upload by FTP

Login in your host space by FTP, select the folder “grid-slider-pro” and upload the folder into wp-content/plugins on your wordpress installation. Once you have uploaded the folder, you can open the Wordpress panel >> plugins, select the plugin called grid-slider-pro that you just installed and click on “Active”. Congratulations, now your plugin is installed successfully.

Upload by Wordpress

  1. - Open your Wordpress panel >> plugins and click on “add new”
  2. - Click on “Upload plugin” and select the zip “” inside the folder who is called plugin and plugin version, after that click on “install now”
  3. - Now you can see a new window and a message: “The plugin has been installed successfully”, just click on buttom “active plugin”, under the message.


After installed the plugin, you need to configure settings, select Grid Slider on your wordpress panel menu, you can see the page that is gona show in your screen bellow.

Image 01

How to use

After installing the plugin click Grid Slider in the side menu, in the plugin main screen you will see all the slides created and you can create new ones.

Image 02

Image 03

After creating a slide, you will be taken to a page where you can set its properties or add grids to your slider.

Image 04

Image 05

Click add new grid, choose layout type

Image 06

Now click on the new grid.

Image 07

In this screen you can configure the contents of each grid cell.

Image 08

Copy Shortcode and paste it into your page.

Image 09


Image 10

Common Questions

Is this plugin responsive?

Does this plugin work with Woocommerce products?

Does this plugin work with any kind of custom post types?


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